Ilaria Tonelli Workshop's

Member of the Canadian Psychological society, specializes in clinical and social psychology, wth a background in kinesiology, integrated posturology and carniosacral therapy. Expert in bioenergetic psychoanalysis and in the transformational model. With more than 10 years experience in working with groups and in private sessions I always work with using various methods. I am continuously researching the integration between the body, health, emotions and their relations.

Available for meetings at La Boussole : (604) 683-7337



Pregnancy can be a delicate time for a woman. Mother’s have a big influence on their child during childhood to prepare them for the future as a future parent themselves.

Pregnancy can give the opportunity to reflect on important relationships. Relationships with both their partner and with their baby. The representation is a mix between childhood, memories, womanly experiences and current relationships. The body and hormonal changes is also a challenge for a future mother.

La Boussole offers workshops for psychological being and dietary suggestions.

Days : Tuesdays 13:00, Thursdays 9:30



Menopause is a transitional moment in a women’s life. There are certain changes such as body, hair, skin and life itself. What used to be normal is now different. Women must adapt to these new changes, such as their rôle as a mother and their intimate relationships. The problems that could arise are mainly at a psychological level : such as osteoperosis.

Natural medicines or even Western medicines could offer some possibilities, but at the same time is important to take care of your body mentally and physically.

La Boussole offers you workshops for your well being, physical and mental health.

Days : Mondays 13:00, Wednesdays 13:00 & Thursdays 10:00



A support group is a space where women can tell their story, experiences, thoughts where other women can relate. Always there to listen and engage without judgements. The support group helps discover new resources and motivation for change in a woman’s life.

The group lasts an hour and a half long and is open to all women. During the group we will touch on emotional and body aspects that are related to the psychological and social struggles.

Days : Thursdays 14:00, Fridays 10:30



This group is dedicated for families that struggle with relationships.

A family is viewed like a system, to come together and find a therapeutic process, this way it is not viewed as an object trying to find a single solution.

The group is open to all families and children are welcome as well.

Days:  Friday afternoons 13:00 & 16:00

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