LA BOUSSOLE is located at 312 main, a center for social and economic innovation

francophone community center with a social mission in greater vancouver


The new area of La Boussole at 312 Main Street allows community center clients to benefit from our new office space contributing to a pleasant and friendly environment. This community area makes it possible for exchanges between beneficiaries of La Boussole's services but also with external actors, such as employees of other organizations present in the building.

Staff at 312 Main are in charge of logistics, organization and site safety, so La Boussole employees have more time to tackle tasks more related to achieving our mission. The interactions between La Boussole employees and customers are made versatile and adapted to different needs thanks to the configuration of the premises: private meeting rooms are available for the most sensitive cases in order to create an area of trust and confidentiality.

The proximity of public transportation and the new visibility of La Boussole within the Downtown Eastside are significant advantages for the sustainability of the organization. As the building is accessible to people with reduced mobility or using mobility aids, the participation of these people in our activities is greatly facilitated. The layout of the premises, the brightness and the services available promote well-being and inclusion.


The vision of 312 main

We are building a global center for economic and social innovation, anchored in downtown Vancouver. The Main will house a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, artists and organizations committed to economic and social democracy, empowering each other - and their neighborhoods - to thrive. Collectively, we are going to break down the barriers. We are building Canada's largest and most inclusive coworking community. A creative union emerges from the unique mix of community members and partners. Although our interests are diverse, we favor collaboration over competition, working together to achieve ambitious and measurable social and economic impact.