Travelling Puppet Show in Greater Vancouver


La Boussole is pleased to present you its puppet show Bienvenue à Caribouville. This show is part of a project funded by the Government of Canada: a traveling French show about the homelessness situation in Greater Vancouver. The purpose of this piece is to raise awareness among francophone and francophile populations about the living conditions, concerns, difficulties and above all the daily discrimination experienced by homeless people living in Greater Vancouver. The thirty-minute show will highlight two major themes: the experience of homeless people but also the challenges they face. In order to reach a young audience, the characters of the play will be personified by animals.

Community workshops allowed La Boussole's clients and members to make these puppets and express their artistic talent. This puppet theater play illustrates the daily life of the Greater Vancouver Francophone community. This project is part of the mission of La Boussole and aims to educate the Francophone and Francophile populations on the living conditions, concerns, difficulties but especially the daily discrimination that the homeless francophones of Greater Vancouver live.

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Bienvenue à CaribouVille

Away of change and discovery, Loulou the otter and Baritone raccoon decide to come to live in Caribouville on the west coast of the country. While Loulou moves by bike, Baritone decides to come by bus. The adventures that await them are numerous and bring joy but also difficulties that they manage to overcome more or less easily. Thanks to these experiences and the encounters they make, our two characters discover the life of homelessness but also encounter the discrimination that this brings. Thanks to the mutual assistance and a will without fault, Loulou and Baritone will get out of the most difficult situations in this room where the help is put on a pedestal.

Cost: 450$ or 3$ per student

The play is for an audience between 2 and 11 years old and is also accessible to adults.