Humans of La Boussole


Thanks to the creation of an artistic collective, La Boussole and Notre Visage look to reveal the realities experienced by disadvantaged Francophones who have used La Boussole’s services. 

By sharing their life’s journey, we have been able to showcase our participants in order to help eliminate the social barriers and prejudices that they have faced.  Their stories can be found in text underneath their portraits, providing them with a “voice” that is too often removed.  These photos will also then be used by La Boussole for their calendar commemorating the 50th anniversary of Canada’s Official Languages Act, as well as during their exhibit held at the Centre Culturel Francophone.

Murals of the downtown east side

The photo project will be held in the Downtown Eastside between Cordova & Hastings Street.  Many murals can already be found in the neighbourhood thanks to the magnificent work done by the artists of the Vancouver Mural Festival.  For the project, we have selected 13 murals as well as over 20 participants.  To capture the portrait of each person and to express the diversity that radiates in our community, each participant will be photographed in front of one of the 13 murals.


La Boussole wishes to develop a special calendar marking the 50th anniversary of Canada’s Official Languages Act by highlighting members of La Boussole with a series of portraits following a French word that defines them as well as an explanation of what the Official Languages Act means to them.  The calendar will be published in the two official languages, linking the anglophone and francophone communities.

This will all be presented through photographic profiles of francophones who are homeless in Greater Vancouver.  These portraits and interviews will also allow readers to understand how this Act remains relevant and has an impact not only on these people, but on society in general.

Podcast - Humans of La Boussole

Here you can find podcasts made by the team and members of La Boussole. These podcasts tell a part of their story, their visions of the Francophonie and the DTES of Vancouver. Through these audio files, you will discover how Canada's Official Languages Act improves their daily lives and makes society more inclusive.

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