Welcome to La Boussole

La Boussole is a Francophone non-profit organization based in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Our primary objective is to help Francophones in need to access vital social services; prioritizing access to health services, housing and employment services (if applicable). We understand the importance of community, especially for those who may be marginalized by speaking a different language. By hosting cultural events and exhibitions, we provide a community space for our beneficiaries to build connections with fellow Francophones and the Francophone culture within the context of Vancouver. By bringing social services and a sense of community to our members we strive to improve the quality of their lives immeasurably.



La Boussole offers community activities and projects where you can speak French and connect with Francophones from diverse backgrounds. We also support your administrative needs for other services and will help you to receive services in English as needed.



La Boussole supports you in your search for employment in a personal and individualized way. Case managers located in Vancouver help you in your search for work, networking and access to training.



As a partner of Société Santé en Français, La Boussole has implemented “Strengthening Mental Health Capacity” in British Columbia. This Initiative spans nine provinces and territories to help all members of society understand mental health phenomenons.