Our Story

La Boussole opened as a francophone community centre in January 1992 as a result of a research project focusing on francophones residing in the Downtown Eastside. The results of this project highlighted the need for access to a system of support services to be delivered in French and geared towards francophones. The federal government, through the Department of Canadian Heritage, provided funding to establish the first community centre for homeless francophones in British Columbia.

Incorporated in 1996, La Boussole held its first Annual General Meeting in 1997. The provision of social and community services has expanded over the years and notably includes health projects and services in employment search assistance.

In 2012, La Boussole opened an office in Surrey to serve newcomers who chose to settle in this fast-growing city. Settlement, social and employment services, and community-based initiatives were available at this location, but unfortunately this office is no longer in operation.

La Boussole then opened a new facility at the intersection of Broadway and Fraser Street. The Centre was housed in a building owned by the City of Vancouver and as in the past, La Boussole continued to be the sole and main provider of health, community, and social and employment services for all francophones in the Lower Mainland.

In November 2018, La Boussole will move to 312 Main Street. This new space will offer services and support to the francophone community, located in the heart of the Downtown Eastside.