Give & Recieve 

For its 25th birthday, La Boussole, is reaching a new chapter. To achieve a smooth transition, we kindly ask for the community’s help to support us in our moving forward so we can fully operate and help our members in need.


GIVE 100$,


Your donations are important for us, and allow you to give while receiving!

Why give to la Boussole?


In October 2014, the former site of La Boussole was flooded, seriously damaging office equipment and forcing the organization to vacate the premises. As the
site no longer met standards necessary for service delivery, La Boussole was left with no choice but to find a new space in which to fulfill its mission of supporting francophones in the Greater Vancouver area.

The goal for the new campaign is to raise $25,000. This contribution from the community will be vital in making it possible for La Boussole to meet all site preparation and moving costs in addition to supplementing the City of Vancouver’s contribution to costs for necessary construction work.

Charity Number: 890626492RR0001