Discover our cultural and community activities

La Boussole offers a wide variety of community activities that encourage exchanges and learning to speak French and stay in touch with Francophones from all walks of life. This year, we are proud to announce that every Wednesday afternoon following the Members' Meal and the Lab's of La Boussole, you will be invited to participate in many activities of all kinds: community garden, French-English workshop, d & rsquo; writing, computer science, photography, employment and artistic assistance. Come celebrate the traditional Christmas, Halloween and St. John the Baptist celebrations


Food bank

Every Wednesday from 10:00 am at Embers Eastside Works, you can enjoy organic fruits and vegetables, breads, pastries and yogurts thanks to the generosity of our partners: Discovery Organics, Food Stash Foundation, Gourmand Macaron & Pastries Patisserie Workshop and Circus Play Cafe.

member’s meal

Following the Food Bank, from 12:00 to 13:00, we invite French and English speakers to share a potluck meal at 312 Main Street. People in Vancouver's Francophone community who need support and resources such as social services, employment assistance, community activities and volunteer and internship opportunities are welcome. Our social worker will be available.

cultural excursions

Exciting performances and outings for our members thanks to our generous partners: The Francophone Society of Maillardville, the Center culturel francophone de Vancouver, the Théâtre de la Seizième.



Le Lab’s de la BOUSSOLE

The Compass will be held from September Labs La Boussole, from 13:00 to 14:00 at 312 Main Street on the ground floor in the DTES. These meetings will allow members, volunteers, DTES people and partners to share a moment of exchange in a safe and enjoyable place. People will be invited to share ideas and constructive thoughts for the Francophone community. In a fun way, we will find together issues that are important to us and will develop a project throughout the year to create a useful tool for the precarious. Be committed and concerned about social issues.

The big events of the year

La Boussole organizes community events to celebrate major festivals such as Saint-Jean-Baptiste or the Christmas party. Delicious dishes are to be enjoyed in a friendly atmosphere!

  • Halloween Night 2019

  • Christmas Dinner 2019

  • New Year’s Celebration 2020

  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste 2020

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